환자감시장치 IP-3010

by 제이앤텍코리아 posted Mar 21, 2016



IP - 3010

Manufacture clogo2.jpg Infunix Technology
Model IP-3010 - 인체용과 동물 전용 모니터 (VET) 두가지 타입
- EtCO2 Module Type
Basic Parameter ECG, Spo2, NIBP, 2-IBP, 2-Temp, Respiration
Features - 7 Inch Wide type color TFT display with maximum 5 waveforms
- Pacemaker detection, electrosurgical interference proof and Defibrillation protection
- Detect of 12 kinds of ECG Arrhythmia alarm and S-T segment analysis, PVC alarms
- Built-in type Respironics sidestream EtCo2 module and 2-wave thermal printer (optional)
- Intelligent Display is shown when IBP or EtCO2 Mode is adjusted to ENABLE/DISABLE at the menu
- Nurse Call function and bi-directional communication with IP-9000 central station
- Very quick start-up initial time (Less then 2 seconds)
- Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery can work more then 3hours
- 3 Kgs compact and light design


Easy to use design



① EtCO2 Module : Measures CO2 concentration waveform and EtCO2 concentration using the sidestream

② ECG Module : Measures cardiac output using the thermodilution method

③ SpO2 Module : Measures oxygen saturation

④ IBP Module : Measures invasive blood pressure module

⑤ Temperature Module : Dual channel temperature module

⑥ NIBP Module : Measures non-invasive blood pressure module



Display Mode



The main screen is identified as graph area,
numeric area, infomation area


Up to 48 hours of graphic and tabular trend of all parameters,
and vital signs list data can be stored and revised.